Cortec Corporation Celebrates Expansion

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Main News Photo

The city of Cambridge celebrated with the Cortec Corporation Sept. 13 as they broke ground for an expansion project. Cortec is located on the northeast side of the railroad tracks off of Highway 95 in Cambridge.

Cortec is one of the world leaders in corrosion protection technologies and they are dedicated to making their products as environmentally friendly as possible.

Cortec was founded in Croatia by Boris Miksic. When Miksic wanted his company to expand overseas, he arrived in St. Paul. According to the Cortec website, it was in St. Paul in 1977 that Cortec first “had a vision to effectively combat the devastating effects of corrosion, while at the same time creating environmentally friendly alternatives to existing methods of corrosion protection.” Click here to read full article in the Isanti County News...

From left to right: Council Member Joe Morin, Council Member Kersten Barfknecht- Conley, Economic Development Director Stan Gustafson, Tim Bliss (Cortec), Jerry Anderson, Beli Manastir Deputy Mayor Ivana Bandov, Kornelija Pacanovic Zvecevac, Belie Manastir Mayor Tomislav Rob, Clyde Bloyer, Cambridge Mayor Marlys Palmer, Boris Miksic, Ines Miksic, Grant Lindberg, Cindy Baker and Brian Baas. Photo by Mike Bleninger


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