Sign up for Emergency Notifications

How do I sign up for Emergency Notifications?

While we can be thankful that Cambridge doesn’t suffer from hurricanes, our community can certainly experience many different types of emergency such as tornado, severe storms, train derailment, wastewater treatment plant failure, water contamination, or an active shooter at one of our area schools. If the City of Cambridge would experience an emergency do you know how you can get accurate, up to date information on the emergency?

There are three primary ways the City of Cambridge will disseminate information in the event of an emergency. First is the City’s official Facebook page, which is Cambridge City Hall.  Our second source is the City’s website which is The third source is CodeRed which is a program used by the Isanti County Sheriff’s Department to send out emergency messages to those who have signed up to receive them and to all land lines within the calling circle.

Recently, the City’s wastewater treatment plant had some electrical motors short out. Due to this electrical shortage, the City needed to inform residents and businesses of the problem and request that they refrain from laundry, washing dishes, or flushing the toilet to reduce the strain on the plant while the motors were repaired. The City used our three emergency messaging methods to “get the word out” about the event and we appreciated the community’s compliance with our requests.

After the event, quite a few residents were wondering why they didn’t receive the CodeRed message. There is probably one simple answer to this – you no longer have a traditional land telephone line and rely solely on your cell phone for telephone calls. If this is the case, we hope you will sign up to receive CodeRed messages on your cell phone at . When you click on this link, please go towards the bottom of the page and look for CodeRed. There is a fact sheet on how CodeRed works and a link to sign up for CodeRed.

While we hope that we will never need to use our emergency notification systems, it is important that residents realize where they can get the correct, accurate information on the emergency and what steps the City is doing to resolve the situation. So please sign up for Code Red and take some time to check out the City’s Facebook page which is Cambridge City Hall, Minnesota.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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