Rental Registration

For Rent SignAt their meeting on Monday, October 16, 2017, the Cambridge City Council voted unanimously to implement a rental registration program in the City of Cambridge.

Highlights of the ordinance include:

  • Each rental property must fill out a separate form.
  • Each rental property owner shall appoint a rental manager where the City can send official notices (the property owner may act as the rental manager).
  • Any transfer of ownership or conversion requires a new registration.
  • Registration exemptions:
    • Property owner is related to the tenant (see relationship types in the ordinance).
    • State registered/licensed facility/home or is a Public Housing Agency.
    • Owner occupies the residence and rents out space to two or less tenants in an area where they all share the living space. When there is separate living facilities, (i.e.. secondary kitchen and access); registration is required..
  • Inspections are only performed at the request of a tenant, owner, or neighborhood association to ensure compliance with the building & fire code, and local ordinances. No routine inspections will be conducted at this time.
  • The fee for registration is $25 per unit and expires December 31st of all odd-numbered years. Registrations received after January 31st of the following year will be subject to a double fee.

Upon registering your property, you will receive a certificate from the City of Cambridge which needs to be posted in each rental unit.

If you have questions regarding the rental registration process, please contact Carri or call 763-552-3257.

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