Wastewater Treatment Facility

Contact: Todd Schwab, Utilities Director

Phone: (763) 689-1800

2019 Sewer Rates are:

$22.00 per base service charge in addition to a per gallon charge

Cost per 1,000 gallons  
0 - 6,000 gallons $4.00
6,001 - 20,000 gallons $4.50
over 20,001 gallons $5.00

Sewer service is billed monthly. Billing questions should be directed to the Utility Billing Clerk at 552-3212.

See Water Utility — Utility Bill Direct Pay tab of website for direct pay enrollment form.

For development purposes:
Trunk area charges are $2,240 per acre.
Sewer Access Charge is $2,273.00 per residential equivalency unit.

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Watch this YouTube video about our Wastewater Treatment Plan!