Storm Ponds within the City

There are many storm ponds within the City of Cambridge, of all shapes and sizes. They are constructed during the development process to safeguard water quality by collecting and treating stormwater runoff after a rain event. There are two types of stormwater ponds located in Cambridge - a dry pond, which allows all the water that drains into it to dissipate completely after several days; and a wet pond, which permanently holds water all year. These ponds are vital in keeping our water healthy and to filter out sediment and other materials that get into our storm water system.

Stormwater ponds are potentially dangerous for recreational activities like ice skating and hockey because of unknown ice conditions. Stormwater ponds have a constant flow of water, which causes ice to form in unstable conditions over winter months. Although the Ice seems safe one week the fluctuating water levels of the ponds can quickly make the ice unstable. Please help us keep your family safe this winter by explaining to your children that it is extremely important to keep off the ice.

 This map shows the location of storm ponds in the City and whether those ponds fall on City or private property.

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