Finance Department

finance imageThe Finance Department is responsible for the fiscal management, processing and maintenance of all accounting transactions for the City. These responsibilities include financial policies and procedures, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, utility billing, budgeting, auditing, investment management, long-range financial planning and fixed asset management. The department is also responsible for information systems, insurance and many personnel functions.

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Are you interested in knowing what your City taxes pay for? View your Taxpayer Receipt.


Tax Receipt


This receipt gives an estimate of what 2019 City property taxes are paying for. This receipt does not include your County or School District Share of your tax bill. Of your 2019 property taxes, approximately 42% goes to the City of Cambridge.

Provide Input on 2019 Budget and Tax Levy

Once you have visited the Taxpayer Receipt application, we invite you to review the preliminary draft of the 2019 budget through an application called Balancing Act. The 2019 budget is currently “in balance” as proposed revenues equal proposed expenditures. We invite you to make simulated changes to the budget just keeping in mind that if you reduce taxes, you also need to reduce expenditures.

The 2019 budget was passed by the Cambridge City Council on December 17, 2018 and this information will be updated soon to reflect the final changes. The 2019 adopted budget is based on a 0% increase in the tax levy.

Visit the Balancing Act web page.


Financial Health

Look for the Icons in the budget information below to understand how Cambridge is doing.

2019 $6.8M Revenues2019 Fund ExpendituresBond Rating AA


Debt Per CapitaIndependent AuditReserves





Utility Billing Payment Options

Customers may make their utility payments using a direct payment option from a bank account. This arrangement is known as an automatic clearinghouse (ACH) transacation. To enroll in the program, fill out the form below for direct bill program. You can cancel the program at anytime. Remember to keep paying your account as usual until your bill reads "Auto Bill Customer-Do Not Pay".

In addition, we accept VISA, Mastercard or Discover to charge your utility bill. Credit cards will be accepted in person at City Hall or via phone. Please note that utility bill payments made by credit card either on the website, over the phone, or in person, are subject to convenience charges.

Caroline Moe, Director of Finance
(763) 552-3202
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Linda Gerlach, Accounting Clerk
(763) 552-3204
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Joleen Kriesel, Utility Billing Clerk
(763) 552-3212
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Machelle Bruss, Receptionist
(763) 689-3211
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To view a copy of our 2018 audit (also known as the comprehensive annual financial report), or the 2019 budget, click on the applicable icon below.

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