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Request for Qualifications for Engineering and Architectural Services
For the Cambridge Municipal Airport

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The City of Cambridge is requesting Statements of Qualification ("RFQ Proposal") from interested and qualified consultants for professional engineering and architectural services for the Cambridge Municipal Airport ("Airport"). Professional, technical, and advisory services are needed for projects identified in the Airport's Capital Improvement Plan ("CIP").

Scope of Work:

Projects may include airport planning and environmental services and design and construction administration. Projects will be accomplished over the course of five (5) years over multiple grants. Projects will be largely based on, but not limited to, the most current CIP for the Airport. Projects anticipated to be completed within the next five (5) years include: 

  • Miscellaneous vehicle and equipment purchases with an emphasis on snow removal equipment (SRE).
  • Rehabilitation and/or resurfacing of pavement on the main runway, Runway 16/34.
  • Rehabilitation and/or resurfacing of pavement on the general aviation apron.
  • Guidance signs and surface painted hold signs.
  • Routine crack repair and sealing of pavement.
  • Auto parking pavement maintenance and/or reconstruction.
  • Fuel system replacement.
  • Land acquisition.
  • Necessary environmental determinations.
  • Updates as needed of the Airport Master Plan, Airport Layout Plan and/or Airport Zoning Ordinance.
  • Planning and supervising ongoing obstruction removal activities.
  • Installation of miscellaneous airfield and auto parking lighting.
  • Ongoing site development for areas of the airport set aside for private hangar construction.

No work will be authorized unless the parties develop and agree to a detailed scope(s) of work on a project by project basis. Projects will be completed at the sole discretion of the City and are subject to funding under the FAA AIP Program. Negotiation of a fair reasonable fee for services shall occur at the time those services are needed following selection of the firm. A detailed copy of the CIP can be requested from the City. RFQ.

Questions. All questions regarding this RFQ should be directed to Lucas Milz, Airport Manager, 763-552-3279 or email

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